Puppies ready for good homes!

I know there are 9 puppies and 2 are already spoken for.  I have some pictures but I need to get more information from my mom as to who is spoken for and which are boys and who are the girls.  However I didn’t want to withhold the pictures.

3 Responses to Puppies ready for good homes!

  1. avatar David Johns

    I’m interested in a female puppy or young female. It will be a family companion and not used for Schutzhund, or any aggressive sports. She would be spayed as there are enough dogs in this world which are euthanized as they are turned loose or not wanted to begin with as puppies.

  2. avatar Erwin (Terry) Blair

    I am interested in a male puppie my long best friend of 12 years pasted away 3 days after my birthday on July, 15. Say what you will about dogs their in no greater companion than a shepherd.

  3. I’m looking for traditional black & tan for my sons 16 th bday oct. 14th. Would prefer 6 to 7 weeks olds if ready. I’m 51 yrs old and my first dog was a g Shepard . We are in clinton tn on a gentle mans farm with much love to give!blair 865-755-5958. Thx