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Last Puppy Ready To Become Your Best Friend

Puppy you won't want to let go of

Puppy you won’t want to let go of

Two Puppies left and almost ready for your home

Sorry we haven’t updated the page in a while but we haven’t had any puppies that were not covered by preorders for awhile. I should have posted pictures anyway because they have been so cute and nice.

Just Two Left

Two puppies are left, a male and a female.  They have very loving and loyal personalities.  We had a lot of kids, large and small, over this week and they and the puppies had a great time!

October 1 Fun With Happy Puppies

Here are some pictures we took today at playtime with the puppies that are available to take home.  

All Black very sweet pupply still available

We have one rare female all black German Shepherd left and ready to be a loyal and great family companion. Bring some extra love into your family!

4 week old Happy Puppies ready for photos

Joac & Juwel’s puppies pose for pictures, early august 2013. Make your pick now and they will be ready for your home in two weeks.

Fat and Sassy Three Weeks Old Puppies

We have 5 puppies from Jodie that are very happy and growing fat and happy. Two are sold and I have one female and two males uspoken for. Enjoy the pictures

8 Weeks and posing after bath

Puppies feast!

2012-10-11_Puppies  Video

Puppies ready for good homes!

I know there are 9 puppies and 2 are already spoken for.  I have some pictures but I need to get more information from my mom as to who is spoken for and which are boys and who are the … Read more »