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Our dogs are great with children

Interested parties in purchasing one of Jodie’s or Lady’s puppies may e-mail me:

or by phone (865) 617-2879 (cell phone)

or Laura  (865) 376-2961 while I am on reserve duty.

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  1. avatar L. Lee Hembree

    Would like to visit if possible and see the dogs available. Would like to discuss training for home protection. Need your professional advice and the basics. We are animal lovers but have not owned GS previously. We live in nearby Rockwood.

    Thank you,
    L. Lee Hembree
    (865) 617-5629

  2. Hi, my name is Brittany. I am from Maryville, TN. I am very interested in a Male puppy, I am looking for a more black in color. I have had german shepherds all my life and recently moved into a new home and am missing the company of a shepherd. I have two small children and saw where it says you do raise yours around children. If you have any information please feel free to email me back or call me at 865-518-1086. Thank you.

  3. Do you ever have ‘rescue’ dogs or older dogs looking for a good home.

  4. avatar Thomas McElroy

    We purchased a dog from you 9 years ago
    and he is the best shepherds and dog I have ever owned
    Now that he is older I would like to see what it costs
    To purchase one of your dogs

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