Juwels is an outgoing family friendly dog and she especially  loves children.   She has an excellent working dog pedigree from a German Champion breed line and she is an excellent watch dog.  She breeds large, healthy, beautiful puppies.  Her hips and elbows are certified good.


Cherokee Springs Juwel Spazierganger is weeks away from her litter of puppies

Jodie of Land Aus Der See was whelped in the USA of pure imported German parents with many Schh3 Champions in her blood line.  She has a loving temperament and is especially good with all children large and small.  Jodie’s hip scores are labeled Good!  



Jodie Of Land Aus Der See



 Lady, is the daughter of our own Jodie of Land Aus Der See and Sahdow. Lady Sire’s Line are long living and loving personal family pets.  Lady is a very intelligent, friendly dog with lots of drive. She is a good watchdog without being unfriendly to strangers. She loves children and young children are safe around her. Lady comes from a long line of proven working dogs with many SCHH 1, 11, and 111 as


Lady Daisy Walker



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