Puppies feast!

2012-10-11_Puppies  Video

Puppies ready for good homes!

I know there are 9 puppies and 2 are already spoken for.  I have some pictures but I need to get more information from my mom as to who is spoken for and which are boys and who are the girls.  However I didn’t want to withhold the pictures.

Last Puppy

I'll sit when you tell me to even is someone is bitting my leg 😉

One 5-month-old male puppy for sale out of Jodie and Joac’s litter. (see Sire – Joac von Cherokee and Dam – Jodie of Land Aus Der See for description and pedigree) Puppy is very smart, eager to please and friendly. Black and red by color. A bargain at $400.00. Call (865) 376-2961

New pics, pups are ready to go! Call or email me for more details.

Puppies are 5 weeks old! Call for more info and deposits.

Stand Tall! Male - Black Collar

Alert! what’s that I hear? Male - Blue-Turquoise Collar

Loving Eyes - Female – Orange Collar

Let’s Play! Male Grey Diamond Collar

Stretch! Female Red Collar

Obedient Male – Green Collar

You Know I Love You! Female – Yellow Blue string Collar

Look into my eyes - Female – Yellow Collar

Ready To Explore

Want To Shake Paws? - Female Purple Collar

More pictures of Jodie’s Puppies, 3-19

New Jodie puppy pic’s, 3 weeks 3-19!

Here are some pic’s of Jodie and Joac’s puppies, they will be 3 weeks old 3-19!

Jodie’s newest and last Litter

Jodie’s puppies were born early Feb. 27th. She was bread by Joac and had nine puppies and are healthy, active and doing well.  There are five females and four males.  Anyone wishing to reserve one of her puppies may put a $150. 00 deposit on either a male or female and pick your choice when they are 5 weeks old.  They will be ready for their new homes at 6-8 weeks.  All interested owners must have a safe environment for their puppy and guarantee proper health care throughout its life in your home.  Pictures of the puppies will be posted as they grow.  You will not find a better puppy with as fine a pedigree and disposition at our asking price of $600.00.

Joac Vom Cherokee

Jodie’s New litter is Here!!! Born 2-27-12

Our Jodie is about to have a new litter of puppies, bread by Joac.  Jodie was bread by Joac last year as well and we kept one of her female puppies. Jamie Lee is a gorgeous, intelligent dog with a strong ball drive and tracking capabilities.

Jodie is expected to welp her puppies anytime between Feb 28  to march 1st. If you would like to put a deposit down and reserve your puppy call us at 865-617-2879 or 865-376-2961. These puppies will go fast, you will not find these blood lines for the price we sell them at. Here is a pic of Jamie Lee, she is 11 months old, and as you can see if you get a puppy from this litter you will be getting a beautiful dog. Please call if you have any questions.