Joac comes from a long line of champion, German imported linage. He is highly intelligent and his demeanor is bold, loyal and enthusiastic. We anticipate his offspring's will inherit many of his fine qualities. He is large, strong with masculine features. He is friendly and safe around children and tolerates other household pets.

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Judah Vom Alt Ostland - Joac Father

Joac Fraternal Grandfather and Great Grandfather

Katarina Vom Alt Ostlan - Joac's Mother

Maternal Grand and Great Grand Parents of Joac


Shadow is almost 14 years now, healthy and active and retired loved family pet. His Father Jake Von Ruff also lived to 14 happily in our family. Shadow is shown here in 2005 when we knew we had something special when his hips were certified at 8 years old. Shadow is the father of Lady Daisy and many hopefully long lived loved German Shepherds.

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  1. Hi –
    I am the breeder of Joac’s parents – would love to talk to you about Joac! Please email when you can? Would love to see some more pics of him!

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